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Cowboy vélo éléctrique Avis clients

Notes et commentaires de véritables clients. Découvrez l'avis de nos Cowboys.

  • Lucian ★★★★★

    Utrecht 15 Nov 2020 Cowboy 3

    First of all, I like a modern and minimalistic design. My eBike purchase shortlist was therefore either the Dutch VM or the Belgium Cowboy. I choose the Cowboy. Here's why: the VM is a large bike with a large frame and large wheels. I'm with my length of 1,76m not very tall so I guessed the size of the Cowboy suits me better. I also valued the technical features of the Cowboy such as the belt drive, the removable battery, and the rear wheel motor. Many eBikes, including the VM, are equipped with a gear box. Why would one need a gear box on an eBike? As for the kicklock on the VM missing on the Cowboy: I think it's useless. I would never trust a kicklock as a primary and single lock. In the city where I live one has to lock a bike to a solid fixing point, otherwise it gets stolen. I therefore purchased an Abus Bordo Granit X Plus lock. The design of this lock fits perfectly with the eBike. I would have bought the lock also if I had purchased a VM eBike. My experience with my Cowboy eBike fulfills all my expectations. The size of the bike fits perfectly with my length. The eBike feels very solid. I ordered my eBike including the factory mounted fenders. The design of these fenders gives me the feeling that these are the most solid and rigid fenders I've experienced ever on a bike. No wobbling, no rattling, nothing. The fenders are a stiff element of the frame. The belt drive is very silent, no rattling noise, even when you drive over a bump or hole in the road. And indeed: no black grease stains on my trousers, even without a chain guard. I've got power in the box where I store my eBike but still I find it more safely to charge the battery under my supervision. The removable battery is really a nice feature. The most impressive is the motor. First of all: it's silent during operation. The noise of the tires on the road is louder than the motor doing it's work. Secondly: the algorithm powering the motor is supreme: it doesn't matter how slow or fast you ride, the motor always delivers the right amount of power and support. You don't have to learn how to operate the motor or a gear box, you just start bicycling and the system supports you, at any speed and during any driving condition. The Cowboy eBike pulls up very quickly after a standstill when a traffic light turns green. So don't I miss a gear box? No. Why? I used to do speed cycling. The trick with speed cycling is to drive with light force and a higher cadence. At top speed of 25km/h the Cowboy eBike gives me the same feeling. In practice: driving the Cowboy eBike I catch up with any non-powered bike. Without any sweat. So don't I have any criticism at all? Well, Cowboy could improve on a few points: First a factory mounted bicycle stand. I ordered a after market stand with a special fitting piece. But I'm still waiting for its delivery. That's the reason I haven't used my eBike as often as I would like. I hate to park my eBike with undamaged paint without a stand. Secondly: the front light. In urban areas with public street lighting the front light is bright enough to make you visible for other traffic. Also the red back light is very visible. But the front light isn't bright enough to enlighten a road without public street lighting. One really needs to mount the extra light bulb delivered with the eBike to be able to bike on dark roads. To summarize: I'm very happy with my Cowboy V3 eBike. I really love to drive it.

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